Clash Of Clans Gems – Free COC Gems Generator For Mobile/PC

Clash of Clans Gems: COC is one of the real-time strategy games that attracts the game lovers throughout the world.  You have to use gaming strategies to fight with the players by building your strong army in order to defeat your enemies. The victory in this game is possible when you have upgraded weapons and strengthened your Troops but for that you need to have Clash of Clans gems.

Collecting gems in this game becomes difficult task and people look for the number of ways by which they can collect unlimited gems for free.

clash of clans gems

How Do You Get Clash Of Clans Gems?

You can get the Clash of Clans gems by purchasing them online but that will charge you with lots of money. But if you want all these games for free then you must use the hack to get free gems where you have to enter your username and select the amount of gems which you want to get and with single click you will get all these gems for free. If you are in search of Gems in Clash of Clans then and you can get them for free. These are some of the ways to get free gems in Clash of Clans.

By Removing Obstacles:

One way to get free gems is by removing the stones surrounding your Clan. You can also get the gems while cutting the trees around the Clan. These will give you free gems as a reward. So, in the beginning when you remove an obstacle you will be rewarded with up to six gems and the more obstacles you remove the more gems you will get as a reward.

Cutting The Trees:

Cutting of trees is very easy as they will regrow after 8 hours and you can earn a great amount of Gems from them. So you will get the gems until all the space around your clan is utilized. So the cutting of trees will definitely give you a reward such as gems.

By Completing Achievements:

You can also get the gems by completing the tasks and achievements in this game or by building your huts. These are some of the easiest ways to earn unlimited gems in Clash of Clans. Whenever you complete your task then and you will earn reward in the form of Gems. The more tough an achievement it then definitely your reward will be more. During the battle when you fight with other players then you can earn huge amount of Gems which are of great value.

Spending COC Gems Wisely:

You should not spend all your gems quickly but you need to spend them wisely. Do not think of buying resources using your gems. When you will play the game with every new level you will earn a number of resources so you don’t need to buy your resources through Gems. And most of the people spend their gems to speed up the timer but it should be avoided. The best way to spend your gems is to put your gems to builder’s huts. So you must focus on obtaining builder’s huts with gems.