Clash of Souls – Download Souls Server S1, S2, S3, S4 APK

Are you looking for a private server to play Clash of Clans? Then Clash of Souls is a perfect one similar to Clash of Clans but have extra fancier features. This private server allows you to get unlimited everything such as gold, elixirs, silvers, etc.

Clash of Souls

If you ever played original server of Clash of Clans then you know about its limited resources. Every lover of COC wants to get unlimited resources. If you also want to get unlimited everything the CO Souls is for you.

clash of souls

The best thing about this server, it is fast and light weighted. You can download it free of cost.

CO Souls has four servers; you can download which you want. All servers have the latest town hall 12 updates. Town Hall 12 has updated troops, new attracted building such as Electro Dragon, Battle Blimp, Wall Wrecker, and much more.

Let’s look at some features:

Clash of Soul Major Features

Clash of Souls is a modified version of original COC hack , but it has its server hosted on the fastest. There are some excellent features:

  • Customize everything like troops, building, anything you want.
  • get unlimited resources
  • COS provides you four fast private server you can pick as per your choice.
  • Buy anything with unlimited gold.
  • get unlimited building placements
  • Supports all types of platform
  • A speedy and secure server
  • High modification with robustness

CO Souls provides four private servers that save your time and provides you complete security even you can make custom heroes and building using this private server and much more to explore.

There are four servers provided by Clash of Souls:

CO Souls S1

The first CO Souls server is Eater, an amazing variation. If you want to play modified version then S1 server is best for you. By playing with S1 you can build your own troops, you can customize your favorite heroes as per your choice and give them power in your own way and get everything unlimited.

Furthermore, S1 includes mod-addons without any buying limit, commands, Clash Royale, and Boom Beaches. Troops and buildings.

Are you feeling crazy? Let’s explore more server with S2!

CO Souls S2

Another tremendous private server is “The Heart of Soul” provided by CO Souls. Now, you can get more unlimited resources then CO Soul S1.

The S2 server provides you more authority on making your custom heroes and buildings. So, you can shape according to your desire. You can allocate resources more power even you can give the power of one hero with other the soul’s server also called dark soul s2.

Moreover, S2 server gives you mod addons with purchasing a limit and commands. It’s completely free. You don’t have to pay anything to get any resource.

CO Soul S3

The third private server provided by CO Soul is Velocity soul Server. It does not come with modification so you can enjoy the game as original Clash of Clans game work after installing the game on your android device. You will get unlimited resources you don’t need to do anything you will get everything automatically. This server doesn’t allow you mod-addons and commands.

Let’s move the last server provided by CO Soul!

CO Souls S4

A final private server is Vengeance of Soul server comes with great modification features with more control.  You can make your custom heroes. You can build troops as much as you want even you can buy unlimited buildings as you will be provided with Unlimited Gold. Is it not cool?


Final Thoughts

CO Soul is a blast with its best four server variation have a great feature that you will love them. This game is compatible with all type of platform. All you need is to download it. Keep following us to enjoy more updates.

If you have any issue, then comment below. We are here to sort it out. Keep Visiting!


This private server is one of the best and light weighted COC server and comes up with unlimited resources. You have great power to create and build the heroes and buildings according to your wish and thinking also Clash of Souls private server is secure and high speed.

If you still haven’t downloaded the game then click on the download button. It is freely available on the Google Play Store. You can easily download it from there.

If you have any issue drop a comment below. Keep visiting!