Download Clash Royale PC – How to Install And Its features

Clash Royale PC is a famous video game available at Android and iOS. It was developed and published by Supercell; a mobile gaming development company. Clash Royale was launched worldwide on March 2, 2016. And because of its amazing graphics and gaming features reached its $1 billion revenue within less than a year.

clash royale pc

It has also won many awards worldwide including the Google Play Awards of Best Game in 2016 after just 2 months of its launching globally. Along with that, it has also won many other awards like Best Multiplayer Game award and Best Upcoming Game awards.

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Clash Royale PC

Clash Royale PC consists of a real-time strategy genre. Where there are combine elements including multiplayer online battle arenas, collectible cards games, and tower defense attracting many gamers towards it.

As Clash Royale is a tower rush video game, it features 2 or 4 players battling grounds where one can battle one on one or even 2v2 player fights. The total fight remains about for 3 minutes and its results are displayed, where they are ranked to different positions by the number of trophies they have won within the game.

In case of the battle draw, the game set an extra time to confirm the winner. Players got level ups by gaining experience points when they donate or upgrades the cards.

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At level 1, all common cards make their starting, with the advance in the level the number of cards increases. By the level 3, rare cards start and all the legendary cards starts from the level 9. All cards are available till the end, level 13.

Clans are presented in the game and they start from level 1 of the game where friendly battles can be played from each class. Along with that clans’ members can also chat and share emotes with their clanmates.

Clan wars are also now available in the game where 5 clans battle with the others to get the awards total. Minimum 10 players and above can do clan wars in the level 8.

Features of Clash Royale PC:


To attract the top level players, the amazing Clash Royale PC features are:

  • It consists of total 12 playing arenas.
  • The highest possible level of the game is 13.
  • A card feature is presented in the game which represents the playable troops, buildings, and spells.
  • Clan wars are available in it.
  • Tournaments features are available.
  • Leagues battles are also one of its amazing kind.
  • Different quests are also present in it.
  • On can also play it on PC by installing an Android Emulator like BlueStacks.

Updates to the Game:


The games are updated by their developers for advancing its features and quality.

  • In December last year, Clash Royale PC updated with adding Star Points for excessive experience when the players reach level 13.
  • In February 2016, updates were made in the cards where new rarity was added in which two legendary cards were added to it.
  • In June 2018, updates were made in emote deck as players had to choose any eight emotes from there collection.
  • Trade token were introduced in the game in September 2018 where common, rare, epic, and legendary cards can be trade.
  • New clan wars feature was added in April 2018.
  • In December 2018, updates were made in the tournaments where Global tournaments were introduced.
  • Leagues battles were also available in Clash Royale.

Download Clash Royale PC

You have to download bluestacks or some other emulator to play this game on PC. We test the bluestacks, its best for playing this game on Pc. You can download it from the following link.



E-sports of the Game:

E-sports are also being played all around the world which were launched by the Supercell. Clash Royale League, a new Esports league was also developed by Supercell. Consisting of 5 different leagues where playoffs were held in each region and afterwards finals were played.

Its first season was started in August, 2018 and the finals were played in Tokyo on 1st December. Supercell also launched Clash Royale Crown Championship. It was the official Esports gaming competition developed by Supercell which connects best gamers of the world.


Clash Royale is an amazing game available for the gamers who like battling with the new and amazing graphics. To cut the long story short, Clash Royal is an epic solution to surpass your boring routines and make you enjoy with your friends online.